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Biography of Pujya Shri 108 Goswami Lal Ji

Lal Ji Maharaj born on Magh Sukla Saptami Vikrmi Samvat 1608 at Village Sevan in Sindh Province located in District Larkana (Now in Pakistan). His father's name was Shri Ajju Dev a Saraswat Brahmin and mother's name was Shrimati Devki.His Father was a Prohit (Priest).

One day his father and mother were performing a Som Yagya (Religious Ritual) after completing the same they got a vision of Lord Nagar Ji and Lord said I am very happy from your sewa (worship), now demand whatever you want from me. The holy couple did not demand any thing except Lord's worship. Lord again insisted to demand some thing. Then the said couple requested Lord that we want a son like you. Lord agreed and promised. After this promise the couple felt very much gratified and awaited the time when Lord would take birth in their home. The couple was blessed with a son an incarnation of God on the aforesaid date (Magh Sukla Saptami Vikrmi Samvat 1608). The couple gave a name to newly born child as Tulsidas who later was known as Shri 108 Goswami Lal Ji Maharaj.

When Tulsidas Ji was 5 years old he lost his loving mother. After some time his father Shri Ajju Dev Ji told him that he had to go to his Yajman (disciple) for 3-4 days in connection with wedding ceremony and in his absence you would perform sewa of Lord Shri Nagar Ji. His father advised him to first prepare the food (bhog) for Lord and offer Him after that you may take the prasad.

Shri Tulsidas Ji in the next morning started sewa and performed shringaar and prepared food (bhog) for Lord after taking every care that the bhog is made very delicious. He presented bhog in Thali (Plate) and placed before Lord Shri Nagar Ji and prayed that He may accept bhog and take it. After some time when he went to remove bhog thali he was surprised that the bhog was intact and it appeared to him that the bhog was not accepted by Lord. He thought that there was some mistake on his part and decided to take bath again and prepare the bhog again with all care. Second time he repeated the same process but still he doubted that the Lord had not accepted the food. Both the thalis were given to cow and he slept without taking the food.

This process continued for 3 days and the child Tulidas remained without Prasad for all these days. On fourth day in the morning he took bath and performed sewa of Lord although he was feeling very weak and feeble he prepared bhog samigri and placed the thali before Lord and prayed humbly to kindly accept the bhog pitting on a child and fell down unconscious. After some time the Lord awakened him lovingly and told him that He had accepted his bhog samigri on all 3 days and now you may see yourself, I am taking bhog and would give my prasadi The child Tulsidas was very happy and Lord fed him Prasadi with His own hand.

In the evening when his father returned he asked his son did you perform sewa and placed bhog before Lord Properly The child Tulsidas narrated the whole story as he experienced during the last 3-4 days. His father was over whelmed with joy and tears rolled down from his eyes. He told his son that he is a blessed pious soul of God. He asked his son that in the next morning he would prepare bhog samigri and place bhog before God. Because he was anxious to see Lord taking bhog before his eyes. Child Tulsidas followed the instructions of his father and placed bhog thali before Lord repeating his request to accept and take bhog.

His father could not see Lord taking bhog and asked his son to show if Lord was taking bhog. The son indicated that Lord was pleased and taking bhog and he watching all that. On behalf of his father he prayed to Lord to bless him divya drishti (spiritual vision) so that he could take the vision of his Lord's Darshan. Shri Ajju Dev was able to had Darshan of God taking of bhog.

After some time Shri Lal Ji Maharaj lost his father. Then Lord Shri Nagar Ji appeared in vision to Shri Lal Ji Maharaj and advised him to move to Vrindaban (District Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India) He reached Vrindaban after two years and stayed in Vrindaban for a short period, one day Lord Nagar Ji came in his dream and further advised him to go to Mathura at Vishram Ghat (Bank of Yamuna River) where you would meet your Pujaya Gurudev. Shri Lal Ji proceeded for Mathura where he got the honour to meet Gosain Ji Shri 108 Vitthal Nath Ji Maharaj (Second son of Jagad Guru Mahaprabhu Shri 1008 Vallabhacharaya Ji Maharaj). Pujaya Gosain Ji gave Guru Mantra and Kanthi (Made of Basil Wood) and made him His Pupil.

Pujaya Shri Gosain Ji took him to Jatipura (District Mathura) and assigned a duty (Sewa) of Jal Gharyia (Water Carrier) for Lord Shri Nathji Maharaj. He immediately started his Jal sewa and he used to go from Jatipura to Vishram Ghat (Mathura) of Yamuna River. The distance of the same was approximately 23 KM which he used to go by foot daily. He continued this sewa for 12 years, he was performing this sewa very diligently and with devotion. Due to his sincere sewa he got a wound on his shoulder which carried worms. Whenever any worm used to fall down from the wound he used to pick up and put on the same place.

In between, the well known poet and God devotee Ashtchhap Shri Surdas Ji was very sick and in his old age, Gosain Ji Shri Vitthal Nath Ji ordered him to look after Shri Surdas Ji. He followed the instructions and started his work with full devotion. After some time Shri Surdas Ji passed away and Shri Lal Ji Maharaj cremated his holy structure and completed all the traditional formalities like a son.

One day it so happened when Shri Lal Ji Maharaj was carrying Gaagar (pitcher) full with Holy Yamuna Water Lord Shri NathJi in disguise of a very poor and thirsty man and asked him to give water to quench his thirst or otherwise he would die of thirst. Shri Lal Ji Maharaj for moment thought over it and immediately he was reminded of his guru�s instructions that giving water to very thirsty man should be on top priority to save one's life. Shri Lal Ji Maharaj immediately gave water to that poor man and returned to Yamuna Ji (River) to clean gaagar and fill it up with fresh Holy Yamuna water in the mean time Lord Shri Nath Ji reached Jatipura and assured Shri Gosain Ji Maharaj that the boy Jal Gharyia had been tested and found fit to be named as eighth son of Shri Gusain Ji Shri 108 Vitthal Nath Ji Maharaj.

Thus Shri Lal Ji was relieved from sewa of Jal Ghariya and was directed by Shri Gusain Ji to his second son Shri Gokul Nath Ji to receive Shiksha (Religious Education). Shri Gokul Nath Ji gave him the shiksha of Shrimad Bhagwat and other Granths. Shri Gosain Ji gave him the tips of daily sewa (including shringaar) of Lord. After completion of one year practical training of Pushtimargiya sewa pranali (methodology). Shri Gosain Ji while giving away seven nidhis to his seven sons, he gave Holy Deity of Shri Gopi Nath Ji to Shri Lal Ji Maharaj on the inspiration of Lord Shri Nath Ji as his eighth son then he instructed Shri Lal Ji to go to north west frontier side of the country and perform sewa of Shri Gopi Nath Ji (Shri Thakur Ji) preaching about vaishanavism there.

On the auspicious day of Ekadashi (Eleveth day) of Bhadho Maas (Almost September) Wednesday Vikrami Samvat (Indian traditional year) 1640 towards said location.

Shri Lal Ji started on his journey carrying Shri Thakur Ji on his head and reached Lahore (Pakistan). He stayed at Lahore for some time and started worship (Sewa) of Shri Thakur Ji. There also it seemed Shri Thakur Ji was not happy to stay.

Again Shri Thakur Ji ordered him in vision to move further. When Shri Lal Ji reached Multan (Pakistan) he prayed to Shri Thakur Ji that he was very much tired and would not able to carry the Holy Idol on his head then Shri Thakur Ji told him if he was so tired he should move ahead and Shri Thakur Ji would follow him provided he does not look behind. Shri Lal Ji prayed how would he know that Shri Tahkur Ji was following him. Shri Tahkur Ji assured him that he would continue hearing his Nupur (Anklet) thus Shri Lal Ji Maharaj reached near river Sindh (Indus) he crossed the river by boat and reached the other bank of the river and started moving ahead. Then after some distance he did not hear the voice of Nupur due to sand and when he looked behind he saw that Shri Thakur Ji wanted to stay there.

He prayed to Shri Thakur Ji then Lord indicated that place was suitable to his wish because this place symbolized with Braj in north there is suleman hill like Goverdhan and in south the river Indus like Shri Yamuna in Braj and therefore he wished to stay there. The place was Dera Gazi Khan (Pakistan) as Shri Lal Ji came to know from the local people. He looked around and noticed there was a beautiful orchard with shadowy trees grown up there. He carried the Holy Idol and installed under the Shadowy tree. There he started worship (sewa).

The orchard was owned by Shri Ochhi Ram Kalra (A Big Land Lord). An employee of Shri Ochhi Ram noticed Shri Lal Ji Maharaj was performing sewa, he reported to his land lord about it. Shri Ochhi Ram came and asked Shri Lal Ji with whose permission he was doing sewa in the orchard and added to move out from there by next morning. Shri Lal Ji however told him that Lord wished to stay here. But Shri Ochhi Ram did not agree and asked him to move out.

Shri Lal Ji said he would do it. On reaching home Shri Ochhi Ram felt acute abdominal pain even after consulting doctors/hakim but the pain did not stop and it appeared that Shri Ochhi Ram would not survive. Tired of his continued pain, Shri Ochhi Ram to take him to the orchard so that he may have last darshan of the saint Shri Lal Ji, when the people brought him to Shri Lal Ji Maharaj. Shri Ochhi Ram was crying with pain and begged to Shri Lal Ji Maharaj to pardon him as he looked his death on his head.

Shri Lal Ji Maharaj gave him few drops of Jhari (Flagon in which drinking water is stored) Jal (Water) kept near the feet of Shri Thakur Ji. Miracle happened, Shri Ochhi Ram felt the pain was gone and he stood up cheerful. Then he portrayed before Shri Thakur Ji and Shri Lal Ji, begging forgiveness for his rude behavior. Then he requested Shri Lal Ji Maharaj to stay there and perform sewa till the temple is constructed by him.

In the meantime, Gazi Khan a Monarch of Dera Gazi Khan came to know about the miracle. Gazi Khan was child less and was very anxious to have an heir (Successor). He also came to Shri Lal Ji Maharaj and begged for his blessings. Shri Lal Ji Maharaj picked up a fruit from the feet of Shri Thakur Ji and gave him the same to give it to his wife. Shri Lal Ji Maharaj assured him that Shri Thakur Ji would bestow him with a son. So it happened and Gazi Khan was very much pleased. He came along with Shri Ochhi Ram to Shri Lal Ji Maharaj and placed money before him so that beautiful temple could be constructed. Due to their joint efforts a huge and beautiful temple was constructed.

On the auspicious day of Akshaya Tritya of Vaishakh Sukla (Third date of moon fortnight of April) of Vikrami Samvat 1643 he laid down the foundation of ASHTAMPITH after placing Shri Thakur Ji on HIS SINGHASAN (Throne)

Pujaya Shri Lalji's first twelve disciples

  • Shri Dawarka Das Khatri was the first disciple (Sewak) of Pujaya Shri
    Lal Ji Maharaj.It is noted from the old writings of Pujaya Shri that
    Dawarka Das was an incarnation of Shri Akroor Ji of Dwaper Yug.
  • Shri Occhi Ram Ji Kalra
  • Hith Jagdish Ji Tarneja
  • Shri Khem Das Pushkarna
  • Shri Permanand Lapsya
  • Shri Ras Jagdish Khatri
  • Shri Permanand Ji Sachdev
  • Shri Khem Das Pushkarna
  • Shri Dandhi Brahmin
  • Shri Bhagwan Das Pambu
  • Shri Sant Das
  • Shri Mani Ram Balochi



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