Jai Shree Gopi Nath Ji !            Jai Shree Dau Ji !                  Jai Shree Lal Ji Maharaj !         Jai Shree Krishna!         

Appearance of Lord Shri Dau Ji and
Establishment of Mandir of Shri Gopi Nath Ji
in Vrindaban

When Pujaya Goswami Shri 108 Lal Ji Maharaj mingled with Braj Rajj
(at Vrindaban) (Departed for Baikunth (Heaven). His grandson Pujaya
Goswami Shri Kewal Ram Ji got an inspiration to have some place in
Braj and purchased a land in Vrindaban and constructed a big house.

After some time Pujya Goswami Shri Kewal Ram Ji lost his young son
(Goswami Shri Jagannath Ji). Goswami Jagannath Ji was married and
used to live in Dera Gazi Khan (which is now in Pakistan). After his death
his wife (Sukhan) used to live with her in-laws. One day her mother in-law
noticed that in the mid night some conversation with a man is coming
from her daughter-in-law’s room. She waited outside the room. After
some time door opened and a person came out, then her mother in-law
caught his arm. When she saw, it was shocking, that was her deceased
son. She asked her son, how he came, he replied that he had come to
explain the methodology of worship (sewa) of Shri Thakur Ji. His mother
told, for society you are deceased, if you want to come then come for
everyone otherwise remain away, as you can not change the system of
nature. Her son humbly accepted her order and promised that he would
not come again in this house.

One day Pujaya Jagannath Ji came in the dream of his wife and asked
her to go to Vrindaban there he would teach the method of sewa of Shri
Thakur Ji. In the morning, she explained about the dream to her in-laws.
Her in-laws thought about the desire of their son and decided to go to

Pujaya Goswami Shri Kewal Ram Ji his wife and his daughter in- law
alongwith support staff came to Vrindaban. Here Pujaya Jagannath Ji
used to come and taught methodology of sewa to his wife.

Sukhan Ji used to go to Yamuna Ji daily for snan (bath). One day when
she was having snan and took a dip in the water then suddenly her head
struck with some thing hard. She did not bother and came out from water
and returned home. In the night, she had a dream in which some one
asked what happened, when you were having snan in the Yamuna Ji,
why did you not enquire about that item with whom you got hit in your
head. In the morning, you go with some people and see and bring out me
from the Yamuna Ji and establish me there, where in future Shri Gopi
Nath Ji (Shri Thakur Ji) would be placed on the throne. She was
surprised and wanted to know who was that. Then He said I am Dauji
(elder brother of Lord Shri Krishan). In the morning, she went to Yamuna
Ji with some people and pulled out the big statue of Shri Dau Ji. After all
the religious formalities she positioned Dau Ji in a room of her house.
Later on that portion was converted to a Temple (Mandir) and named that
temple as Gore Dau Ji ka Mandir. Sukhan Ji lived whole life in the
Vrindaban and used to perform sewa of Lord Shri Dau Ji and departed for
heaven in her old age. After her departure to heaven that place was
famously known as SUKHAN MATA KI KUNJ.

Since the temple of Gore Dauji was already established therefore most of
the Goswami Swarups of Ashtampith used to come to Vrindaban from
Dera Gazi Khan for Braj Vaas. After India Pakistan partition all the
Goswami Swarups of Ashtampith shifted from Dera Gazi Khan with Holy
Deity of Shri Gopi Nath Ji and seated Holy Diety Shri Gopi Nath Ji on
Singhasan (Throne) in the temple aside with Shri Dau Ji Maharaj, which
later on known as Mandir Shri Gopi Nath Ji which is presently located in
Sukhan Mata Ki Kunj, Gautam Para, Vrindaban (Utter Pradesh, India).



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